The Temple of Heryshaf


Example of how the game is played.

A solo game of temple exploration.

This game tied for first place in the 24 Hour Contest for September 2014.

In this game, the player adventures through the Temple of Heryshaf as the brave sheep Cle-ewe-patra. The goal is to reach the apex of the temple – Heryshaf’s Inner Sanctum – alive! But beware! For the temple is filled with traps, and the passageways are winding!

Known as the “Ruler of the Riverbanks” Heryshaf is a ram-headed god who once held sway in Ancient Egypt. His temple is filled with water traps that will drown the unwary adventurer. Luckily, those who built the temple placed boats inside – perfect for traversing over the deadly water.

The free print-and-play rules are located here.

The free print-and-play cards are located here.