Idunn’s Apples


Front and back of one of the story cards.

A solo game of tricky choices.

It won first place for Best Theme and second place for Originality/Innovation.

Loki once got in trouble with the gods by helping the giant Thjassi steal the goddess Idunn and her marvelous Apples of Youth. Loki was successful in getting Idunn back, but the gods are not done punishing Loki for his misdeeds! They demand that Loki find all the missing apples and return them to the Gods.

The goal is to find five apples before becoming captured.  There are three cards for tracking apples and items found, as well as how often you have used Loki’s abilities.  There are fifteen story cards with choices for players.  The choice the player makes does not apply to the card they are holding, but the next card in the deck, so there is replayability – though it does mean the game lacks a defined strategy for winning, as choices can be somewhat random.

The game is a card version of a choose-your-own adventure game book.

The art is taken from John Bauer’s 1900s illustrations of Idunn and Loki.

The free print-and-play cards are located here.