Two cards from the game Psyborg.

A microgame for 2 to 5 players.

This game won first place in the 24 Hour Contest for May 2014.

Augmented to be more than human, you have but one task: save the last of humanity!

You are a Psyborg. You have been augmented to be more than human with robotic limbs and powers of telekinesis. You have but one task: save the last of humanity! But it isn’t going the way you expected… Other Psyborgs are out there, trying to kill you while they steal the glory of saving humanity!

Your Job:
• Kill other Psyborgs!
• Find, steal and protect humans!
• Make sure you are the last Psyborg standing with a human under your protection!

The Rules:

• Shuffle all the cards, minus the rules cards, together
• Deal everyone two cards
• Determine who goes first
• At the start of turn, draw a card
• After drawing a card players can choose to play a card from their hand or pass.
• If there are no more cards to draw, shuffle the discard pile into the draw pile.
• The winner is the last player left alive with a human in their hand.

Each card has different effects – Shields block all cards used against you, Humans are to be protected and discarding one means you are out of the game, EMP Pulses forces a player to discard a card of their choice, Scans reveal Humans, etc…

If you don’t have a Human card in hand, you want to find and take one from another player. If you do have a Human, you want to protect it from other players. Attack other players, but make sure you have a Human by the end of the game, or everyone loses.

If you want to build a copy yourself, the free print-and-play files are here.

If you would rather buy it premade, you can purchase the game here.