The Game Portfolio of Caroline Berg


I am an avid gamer, I live and breathe games. I play all types, from board games to RPGs to video games. I am currently the game master for a weekly role-playing game of Call of Cthulhu. I play video games almost every day.  And I am currently painting my miniatures from various board games I own.

But I don’t just enjoy playing games, I also make them. Last year I created fourteen different card and board games. I participate in monthly board game design challenges where I have only 24 hours to create a fully-playable game. I am constantly thinking about game design and taking notes on what games I would like to make in the future. Last year, eight of my games won prizes. Two games won for having the best theme, and one game won for having innovative gameplay.

Aside from designing, I have experience working on games from both the technical and artistic side. I was a programmer for the game Mobile Linebacker, which is available on the iPhone. The game was made using the Unity 3D game engine. I have also worked as an artist on Magma Rocks!, another iPhone game. I designed the main UI, created all the backgrounds, and the buttons used in the game. I have also worked as a game tester for board games, RPGs, and video games. I believe it is important to know how all the pieces of the design process fit together when thinking about making a game.

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