To Catch the Stars


A star card and the six different types of star tokens.

Larger than a microgame yet smaller than the macrocosm, for 2-4 players.

When this galaxy was young Thayora, the goddess of Chaos in Order, had an argument with Koz’ran, the god of Order in Chaos. After the argument, she fled across the universe, leaving her tears – brilliantly blue stars – trailing in her wake. After a few centuries passed, Koz’ran has decided that they have been apart for too long. He wishes to find her, but to do so, would take time – more time that he is willing to devote. So he has given the task to a collection of demi-gods, each with different powers, in hopes that they can follow the trail of Thayora’s tears and find her again.


Esshaki’s ability reference card, front and back.

The goal of the game is to collect the highest number of blue (type B) stars by the time the game ends. But this is not an easy task. Luckily each demi-god has their own abilities that can help them along the way. Players can choose between Mok’teran the god of knowledge, Esshaki the goddess of heat, Yi’ik the god of tricksters, or Pellna the goddess of travel.

There are five phases to the game: Travel, Collection, Trading, Activate, and Special, each which allows the players to use different abilities or take different actions.


Phase reference card, front and back.

At the start of each turn, players secretly decide what phase they are going to perform. They may also take actions during any phases that other players have selected, much like in Race for the Galaxy.  So if one player has selected Trading, and another has selected Travel, both players may take actions during the Trading and Travel phases.  However, only the person who has chosen that phase will get the full benefits of the choice.


Artifact card, front and back.

During the game, players collect stars or artifacts from the revealed star cards.  When there are no more star cards that can be explored, the game ends, and players tally up how many type B stars they have collected.

The free print-and-play cards for the game are located here.