The Space Around You

The Space Around You is a role-playing game for two or more players. The game takes place on a Galaxy-Class Behemoth Transport Ship called the Ephemera of Time. The game is mostly a narrative game, with only one ten-sided die used per player for skill rolls. This game does require a game master to run. This game does not use stats. Instead all players choose their character class and start with up to three positive attributes, up to three negative attributes and four skills. There are six main character classes on the ship.

Players are members of a crew on the Ephemera of Time. There is no faster-than-light travel. The ship must travel in real time. The crew cannot sleep – they must maintain the enormous Galaxy-Class Behemoth Transport Ship while their precious cargo – wealthy human families – stay safely asleep. The ship has been tasked with settling a far-distant planet. The planet is so far out in the depths of space that it will take many generations to get there. And by staying awake the crew knows they will live and die without ever seeing their final destination.

All seems to be going well.

… until one day…