The Restoration of Ilkannon

A solo game about a lost city corrupted by ancient power.

This game won three categories in the 2015 Solitaire Print and Play Contest:

• Third place for Best Artwork
• Fourth place for Best Large Game
• Fifth place for Best Written Rules

The ruins of Ilkannon have been discovered! After being lost for centuries, you now have a chance at learning about the heart of that mythic civilization!  Choose your character and begin your adventure into the wilds!  But watch out!  The curse which brought Ilkannon to ruin is still housed within its walls!  Restore the city – but make sure you don’t unleash corruption upon the world!

You play one of four characters: An adventurer, a politician, a scholar, or a mechanic.  Each person has their own goals within the city, and each one has their own faults that make them susceptible to various curses.  The ultimate end goal is to find four power crystals to revitalize the city or to find one item to bring back to tell of their great discovery!

The free print-and-play rules are located here.

The free print-and-play components are located here.