The Quest for the Sampo

A solo quest on a single page.

This game won first place for Best Theme in the 2016 One-Page PnP Contest!

You have heard of a wondrous artifact, the Sampo, which will bring great prosperity to your country. Unfortunately, it has not yet been created! In order for the great smith Ilmarinen to forge the Sampo, you must bring him the finest wool of a lamb, a single grain of barley, white iron, and a white swan feather. However Louhi, the Sorceress of Pohjola, also wants the Sampo to bring her prosperity! Will you be able to gain the Sampo and return to the Stone Fortress of Kivimäki before Louhi can steal the Sampo?

There are four stats in the game: Brawn, Wits, Magic, and Luck. At the start of the game, Brawn, Wits, and Magic all start at 1, and Luck starts at 0. You have 9 points to distribute between the 4 stats. Each point means you roll an additional six-sided die when using that stat.

These stats are used for the encounters at each location. Each encounter is fixed, and requires certain stats or combinations of stats for you to succeed. These encounters are how you gain better stats, gain the items you need to make the Sampo, and once you have the Sampo, how you avoid Louhi and her minions.

Inspired by the story of the Sampo from the Kalevala.