The Perilous Plot

A sinister solo storytelling game where you play the villain in a Gothic novel.

In the 2016 Solitaire Print and Play Contest The Perilous Plot won these categories:

• First place for Best Paragraph/Story Game
• Third place for Best Advanced PNP Build
• Fifth place for Best Greyscale Printing
• Fifth Best Returning Designer

After years of meticulous manipulation, your plans are finally complete.  You are so close to your goal you can taste it.  And then they arrive.  Those who plan on thwarting you.  Perhaps they did not mean to be heroes.  But now they stand in your way.  And that is unacceptable.  You must stop them before they can derail your dastardly plot!

There are 100 different environment cards, numerous item cards, and a collection of hero cards.  The game also has a truly ambitious Book of Dastardly Deeds which goes into detail as to whether your plans succeed or fail, based on the cards pulled.