The Labyrinth of Konoso

A solo game of finding your way.

The year is 1400 BCE.  The fabled Labyrinth of Konoso, better known as the Labyrinth of Knossos, has suffered a catastrophe!  Parts have been burned, other bits have collapsed, making it nearly impossible to escape.  All you have to guide your way are tokens, which match certain doorways, allowing you to pass.  Will you be able to make it out of the labyrinth alive?

At the start of the game, you roll to see how many of each type of scribe’s tokens you receive.  There are six types of tokens, each one associated with a different Linear B Ideogram.  If you ever roll for only one of a particular token type, you can choose a rotation token.  There are six unique rotations tokens, which move the hex tiles in different ways.

You start the game at the center start hex, encircled by two concentric circles of hex tiles, the first circle containing six tiles, the second circle containing twelve tiles.  The goal is to make it to one of the six exit hexes, located at various points beyond the second circle.

To move through the labyrinth, you match the token you have with the doorway you walk through.  The token only has to match the doorway of the tile you are on – not the tile you are traveling to.  Once you run out of a type of token, you can no longer walk through doors of that type.

Linear B Ideograms were used to make the tokens.  These symbols were found at the Palace of Knossos and stand for: gold, wheel, jar, tree, cloth, sword.  Konoso is how Knossos is spelled using Linear B, so I figured it was a fitting title of the game.