The Fool on the Hill

This roleplaying game is about the Fool on the Hill waiting through the night, until the dawn comes. One player is the Fool, the rest of the players are the 1000 Voices the Fool hears. Each round consists of the Fool narrating what the Fool sees or does during that hour, then randomly choosing a new Voice to be the Fool.

The game lasts twelve full rounds, with a final partial round where the dawn is narrated.

The Fool on the Hill is geared towards being played in a forum, ideally for 2-5 players. There are expanded rules for playing with more than 5 people.

The game is GM-less and mostly narrative, with a standard deck of 52 cards to be used as randomizers.

The Fool of the Hill was inspired by the Beatles’ song of the same name, and was created for the 2016 Fools Challenge.