Snow-White and Rose-Red


Two Animal Companion cards from Snow-White and Rose-Red.

A game of faithful sisters, hidden treasures, enchanted animals, and evil curses for 1-2 players.

Snow-White and Rose-Red is a fairy tale adventure where you take control of Snow-White and/or her sister Rose-Red. The goal is to save the Enchanted Bear, who once was a prince but has fallen under a vile curse from the Ungrateful Dwarf. To defeat the Ungrateful Dwarf you need to steal back the treasure he stole from the prince or you need to remove his source of power – his luxuriant beard – with a pair of scissors. Explore the woods near Mother’s Cottage, rescue trapped animals, and make sure you never have more than four curses upon you at a time! Will you be able to save the Enchanted Bear and defeat the Ungrateful Dwarf? Or will you become cursed too?

The free print-and-play rules are located here.

The free print-and-play components are located here.