Relative Gods

CoverImage“Who, my friend, can ascend to the heavens?” – The Epic of Gilgamesh

Sumeria, 2340 BCE

This playset takes place in one of the major cities of ancient Sumeria.

You are the nothing less than gods. Parents of the God-Kings and God-Queens of Sumeria, mighty and flowing with power, thousands worship you… that is, until the Akkadians start to muscle in on your land, bringing new gods with them! Now you are struggling to find a place for yourselves amidst their pantheons. Will you carve out a niche in the Akkadian pantheon, changing your name, but not your abilities? Or will you fade into the mists of time, losing your followers as you are rejected and ultimately forgotten? What depths will you descend to make sure you are remembered and worshiped? What other gods will you replace?

No matter what you decide, you must act fast. For the Akkadian gods are growing in power, and as they take over your temples and control your ceremonies, your power is waning.

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