Military Kids Connect

Military Kids Connect is a website I worked on.  I was the lead Flash programmer, and ended up programming a number of different games and activities for the site.


Image of a What’s Different game in progress.

The five main games/activities I worked on were:

What’s Different – This is a comparison game, and by far the favorite of all the games I programmed for the site. I had the coding in place long before I was given images to work with.

The Amazing Wardrobe – The purpose of the game is to teach children what other kids wear in the countries where their parents might be stationed.


Start screen of the Amazing Wardrobe.

Not only did I do all the programming for the game, I designed the wardrobe and the entire title screen is my art too. However, I didn’t do the art for the clothing, or the manikin.

My House – This game is to show kids how they should help out around the house when one of their parent’s can’t be home to help out as much. The goal is to tidy up/fix what is wrong in each section of the house. Again, I did the programming.


The opening screen of My House.

Funny Phrases – Not so much a game as an interactive poem where you can fill in the words, much like a mad-lib. Again, I was the programmer.

Silly Stories – And this activity is a mad-lib. Again, I was the programmer.