Journey to the City of Pearl

News Flash!  City of Pearl Discovered in Barbaric Wilds!

Deep in the Forest of Hurrizan, after following the Black River to the Heart of Darkness Lake, there is an amazing city of pure white.  It seems to be untouched by the world, sitting on an island, surrounded by foetid jungle yet untouched by the decay.  It is a beautiful, yet strange place!  To read more about this hidden gem, turn to page A2.

Terrible Update!

After many good men have attempted to brave the wilds of the Hurrizan Forest, and the mysterious black lake, none have returned!  Will the Empire continue to lose her best sons this way?  What is it that keeps attracting, yet killing, so many adventurers?  Is the city cursed?  Are the jungles too wild?  More on this on page A12.

Adventurers Welcome!

This campaign starts five years after the City of Pearl has been discovered.  During those five years, the natives of the Hurrizan Forest have been busy.  Savvy businessmen, they have set up a riverboat which will carry tourists up the river to circle the lake and travel back to Port Lassk.  This river tour goes by, but does not stop at the City of Pearl.  Of course, all of you have joined this tour with the purpose of slipping off the riverboat when it nears the city.  You long to be the first to successfully discover the secrets the City of Pearl is supposed to hold… if you can survive it!

The game is a Hack of Lady Blackbird, and won second place in the Hack the Black! RPG design contest on RPG Geek.

You can get a copy here.