Golden Apples

A 2-5 player microgame about collecting mythical apples.

Players collect various golden apples from folklore and mythology.

At the end of the game have the highest total value of apples.

Shuffle the eighteen apple cards together. Then remove two. Those two cards are out of the game.
For 2-3 players: Deal three cards to each player.
For 4-5 players: Deal two cards to each player.
Place the rest of the cards face down in a draw pile.

How to Play:
On your turn you may do only one of the following:
1) Play one card in your hand.
2) Draw one card from the draw pile.

The game ends when a player can neither draw nor play a card. At that point, each player adds the total value of the apple cards in their hand and the player with the highest total value wins!

What Happens When…?:
When you play a card, the card is immediately shuffled back into the draw pile.

The player who plays the Apple of Discord does not swap hands. The person to the player’s left gives their hand to the person on the player’s right, completely bypassing the player.

Cards are located here.